Saturday, November 18, 2006

Uninvited guests

Do nice hackers exist? Apparently so. One such hacker left a file on my web server with the following message:
"Birgun Herkes Beyaz Kefen Giydiginde Siyahin Degerini Anlayacaksiniz // CeNGiZ-HaN WaS HeRe FoR SGB-TeaM"
How did he get in? What does the message mean? I don't know! I am just grateful he didn't do any real damage!


Anonymous said...

possibly encoded?
the columns component is nice, but the simple volume control feature (mouse scroll action on dB display) gets replaced by the click-> slider, which for me is undesirable. I'm lazy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Turkish to me.

S.W.4.R.M Turx0r said...

its turkish

DisplayNameHere said...

So maybe you could translate it for me? ;)

system-defacers team said...

Yes I'm Turkish and I dont want to deface the sites just a little message on index file. You can replace it. I entered your server from another site. Your server security low o i can enter all sites.

This message says

when you died you will be in whites so you can understand black is very important

sgb = white men in black

good luck

I thin you must contact your hoster to get safe_mode on


Anonymous said...

So, he basically just broke into the site for fun and tells you how to secure it? That's nice :)

Anonymous said...

It says:
When everyone is wearing a white shroud (as in burial sheet) you will learn the value of black.

Just some deep sounding but meaningless message.

As a sidenote, muslims don't bury their dead in a coffin. It is only used to carry the dead to the burial ground.

Anonymous said...

Delete shis text plz. Sorry