Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Amazon have a little thing on their website where you can submit corrections in their product listings. It seems a bit cheeky really, but even worse look what happens if you do actually bother to submit a correction:

Greetings from,

Thank you for using the Catalogue Update Form.

For ASIN: B000YO1MJU, Title: LiteOn 20x Int. DVDRW IDE Retail Kit, we have received your updates to the attributes listed below. Beneath each attribute we include the action we have taken.

Attribute: Brand Name

Current value: LiteOne

Your suggestion: LiteOn

Action: None. We could not verify the requested update.

Data accuracy is highly important to us. We appreciate the time you have taken to submit your updates to us.

Best regards,

Catalogue Department

Wow, lol.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Amazon artwork grabber script

If you're like me and you like storing all your album art in a single folder I made a quick and dirty Windows Powershell script that automatically grabs artwork from Amazon for all tracks in your foobar2000 Media Library (using foo_comserver2). It works pretty well for me, I only got one wrong artwork that was due to tagging issues, but this will probably vary depending on what is in your media library.

You'll need to modify the script a bit for your own needs. You'll need to set $AWSAccessKeyId (you either find one from e.g. some other software or failing that register at Amazon yourself).

I would have made it a proper Powershell script but I was put off by the restrictions in place by default on executing those so you'll just have to copy and paste it to the prompt and press enter a couple times if needed.

Update: Script moved here.