Monday, November 20, 2006

New notebook, part 2

Well, I decided against buying the Acer models since whilst stock is now available, I don't think their build quality is up to scratch. The Samsungs X60s mentioned still haven't turned up!

Now I am considering the following:
Philips X56 - reasonable spec and very good price for a 12" notebook.
Asus V1Jp - top spec 15.4" notebook but no stock anywhere!

The Philips is very tempting, but on the otherhand its apparently a rebadged Twinhead notebook, and support/drivers/BIOS updates etc. are non existant!

So, erm, back to square one I guess?


norz said...

I'm going to buy a notebook in some months, and I'm quite tempted by the macbooks, because of their style, and better than average quality (i think).
a good source for information:

Anonymous said...

I currently have a Dell laptop because at the time it was the only one I could find that contained a proper graphics card, why don't companies understand some of us don't want the intel extremely **** graphics card. I believe the Dell 6400 is dual core and has a radeon x1300

Z said...

I agree, I have heard a lot of bad things about Acer build quality.

Norz's information seems useful, I wish there were more objective reviewing sites as such.
Notebooks and handheld devices seem to be lacking in that feature.

robin said...

I looked through every possible notebook when picking one for my girlfriend. I wanted no larger than a 14" screen but still somethign with hot specs, since this was to be her only computer. Went with an ASUS A8Jc-H002H which runs Core Duo T2300 (1.66Ghz) and has an nVidea GeForce 7300 with 64MB, much better than the usual shared memory crap.

Oh yes, the built-in audio is great! I have used this to mix at live gigs with no problems. (Except of course no cue mix.)

The newer A8Jn model is similar but with a Core Duo T5500 chip, 100GB hard drive and 1GB RAM for under €1100. Go for it!

robin said...

Oh yes, I am tempted by the Philips Freevents X56. But know that you will get absolutely no tech support with this, a rebranded Averatec. Philips do not even know they make laptops!