Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Welcome to the club

It looks like iTunes can join the mega-GDI-resource-leak club:

Congratulations (?)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Broken drivers

Lenovo finally posted an updated driver - version 267.21 - for the Nvidia NVS 3100M chipset in my ThinkPad T510. Unfortunately after installing it I was greeted with strange, but horrible, colour banding. Do they test these things? I also tried 270.61 from nVidia - which actually supports my laptop for a change - but alas, the same obvious problem was present. I reverted to version 260.63, which works fine.

Lenovo also posted an updated Intel Wi-Fi driver, version 14.0.1. This one gave me BSODs, I think when entering sleep mode. Back I went to the official Intel version, 13.5.0, which seems to works fine.

And let's not forget the Bluetooth drivers which wipe your hard drive when upgrading/uninstalling them. The only warning you get from Lenovo is a tiny "Please back up your important data before running the update." I have not bothered to remove them....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Adobe Reader X 10.0.1: bugged

Hi Adobe,

You might want to do a better job testing your software before releasing it.

I was happily reading a PDF document when I wondered why the taskbar clock was where the start button should be. Also, Adobe Reader had rendering glitches everywhere. Recognising the symptoms, I fired up task manager:

Yes - Adobe Reader X 10.0.1 has a large GDI-resource leak bug. This happens when the semi-transparent light blue search box overlay is visible. If you are in select mode, a chunk of resources will be leaked every time the text cursor flashes. Otherwise, just scrolling around will leak a chunk of resources. Eventually you will reach the default 10k limit. Lovely. Eventually my taskbar responding.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Some never learn

I downloaded the Dragon Age II PC demo, to find that mouse wheel support is broken - a familiar tale. (Specifically, support for freely rotating mouse wheels with non-120-multiple wheel rotation values). Ho-hum.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Careful with SHAutoComplete

If you call it with a NULL HWND, it will return E_INVALIDARG but leak six GDI handles (seen under Windows 7 SP1).

Yes, you can blame the caller, but 'tis just something to note.