Sunday, November 29, 2009

UPEK Protector Suite strikes again

I thought (or perhaps naively hoped) UPEK had fixed all their issues. Alas, I was to be disappointed on a large scale as you can see below.

I admit, it's not a regular occurrence, but once is more than enough..

I'll try Authentec next time..

ITaskbarList3::ThumbBarUpdateButtons complaint again

I'm going to complain about it again (first time). I recently saw a crash log where the user had right-clicked on our application's notification area icon around the same time as my call to ThumbBarUpdateButtons - the result was a modal TrackPopupMenu call within the ThumbBarUpdateButtons call.. !!

What a complete mess - so make sure you only call ThumbBarUpdateButtons from a posted message/equivalent specifically for that purpose (at least in Windows 7 RTM). Unless you like strange (though rare) crashes, and the possibility thumb buttons being in the wrong state..