Monday, November 20, 2006

New notebook, part 2

Well, I decided against buying the Acer models since whilst stock is now available, I don't think their build quality is up to scratch. The Samsungs X60s mentioned still haven't turned up!

Now I am considering the following:
Philips X56 - reasonable spec and very good price for a 12" notebook.
Asus V1Jp - top spec 15.4" notebook but no stock anywhere!

The Philips is very tempting, but on the otherhand its apparently a rebadged Twinhead notebook, and support/drivers/BIOS updates etc. are non existant!

So, erm, back to square one I guess?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Uninvited guests

Do nice hackers exist? Apparently so. One such hacker left a file on my web server with the following message:
"Birgun Herkes Beyaz Kefen Giydiginde Siyahin Degerini Anlayacaksiniz // CeNGiZ-HaN WaS HeRe FoR SGB-TeaM"
How did he get in? What does the message mean? I don't know! I am just grateful he didn't do any real damage!