Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Broken drivers

Lenovo finally posted an updated driver - version 267.21 - for the Nvidia NVS 3100M chipset in my ThinkPad T510. Unfortunately after installing it I was greeted with strange, but horrible, colour banding. Do they test these things? I also tried 270.61 from nVidia - which actually supports my laptop for a change - but alas, the same obvious problem was present. I reverted to version 260.63, which works fine.

Lenovo also posted an updated Intel Wi-Fi driver, version 14.0.1. This one gave me BSODs, I think when entering sleep mode. Back I went to the official Intel version, 13.5.0, which seems to works fine.

And let's not forget the Bluetooth drivers which wipe your hard drive when upgrading/uninstalling them. The only warning you get from Lenovo is a tiny "Please back up your important data before running the update." I have not bothered to remove them....

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Anonymous said...

I have exctly the same problem with my Nvidia driver running on a thinkpad t510i