Sunday, March 13, 2011

Adobe Reader X 10.0.1: bugged

Hi Adobe,

You might want to do a better job testing your software before releasing it.

I was happily reading a PDF document when I wondered why the taskbar clock was where the start button should be. Also, Adobe Reader had rendering glitches everywhere. Recognising the symptoms, I fired up task manager:

Yes - Adobe Reader X 10.0.1 has a large GDI-resource leak bug. This happens when the semi-transparent light blue search box overlay is visible. If you are in select mode, a chunk of resources will be leaked every time the text cursor flashes. Otherwise, just scrolling around will leak a chunk of resources. Eventually you will reach the default 10k limit. Lovely. Eventually my taskbar responding.


Anonymous said...

Same problem when trying to print checks with online Quickbooks. Have to restart computer to fix. Over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Adobe Reader X (Acrobat 10) is the absolute worst version of their software yet! Bloated and slow and buggy and I have trouble opening some PDF files that still open fine with previous versions. Seems to be going backwards! Guessing this will be to Adobe what Vista was to Microsoft - one big fat embarrassment.